For the ones who left, Kiwi has stayed

and she pulled me from the grass where I was layed

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This is where _bizarre_kid_Teeya/raisedoffcementKiwi reside.
In here you will find quotes, updates, ideas that reguards us, because we are awesome, egotistical, weird, a bit psychotic and way cooler than you.
Sorry to break that news to you, but someone had too.


1. Worship us.

PS) I love this show!
"jeremy", *nsync posers, 2deadsluts 1goodfuck, 3 way phone calling, 80s music, adam sandler, against me!, against tee!, agoraphobic nosebleed, anime fucking sucks, ashley kerwin: season 1, atreyu fucking sucks, bad your momma jokes, bang bang youre dead, bisexuality, blood fetish, bright eyes, bright eyes burn, calender hung itself?, charizard, chrissy cupcake, clean fingernails, columbine, david says no, dead, degrassi, drew barrymore, dylan, dylan klebold, dylan owens, eh, emma's bad makeup, eric harris, eric/dylan sexy slash, faking straight edge, family guy, gay awesome!, george is a fairy, george press *69, goatse is the winner, goatse vs tubgirl, gone with the wind, guns n' roses, haha haligh, hell hath no fury, hipbones, hold me now oohhh, hoodie fetish, i love the 80's, i love the 90's, i will be pure, ilikeyourhairihopeyouwin, im kiwis prom date, ja ja ja, jack off jill, jake epstien's pizza face, jeeeaaa!!!, jo mama!!, jomamasouglyjoseebertwontevendoherhair, jordy not jodi, josie and the pussycats, karmakarmakarmachameleon!, killan, kiwi? ghost? ooo, kiwis mom buys tacos, klade, kristoph, lestat likes period blood, like snow like gold, making movies, meh, myspace sucks, natural born killers, no lies just love, no soup for you, penis butterflies, period bloody mary's, pokemon, prince, quoting conor at random, roddy, rongles/connor strike, saruh, sexual tension!, shane, south park, spinner ahh!, split black ribbon, squirtle sucks, talking on ze phone, teeya, teeya is a nigger, teeyas mom loves metal, tentacruel rape, the crow, the phone, the wedding singer, those ironic canadians, ugoff, wade robson got served, youreresistanceonlymakesmypenisharder, ze phone?